Dr Mel Baker Consultant, Writer, Producer, Speaker

Dr Mel Baker is not your ordinary educator. She is a storyteller, a filmmaker, a podcaster, and a survivor of horrific trauma. She has a doctorate in education, but she also has a wealth of life experiences that have shaped her into who she is today. She has faced childhood abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, adult trauma, mental health challenges, and identity crises, but she has also found healing, resilience, and hope.

Mel believes that everyone has a story to tell, and that sharing stories can help people overcome their struggles and find their purpose. That’s why she created LivingWell Talks and Living Expressions, two podcast shows that feature inspiring stories to help support people to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. She also writes books that share her own journey of recovery and transformation. Mel recently was the producer and co-writer of Say My Name, a short film based on her early life story, which won over 50 international film awards.

Mel has travelled to 56 countries, speaking to diverse audiences on topics such as mental health, wellbeing, trauma-recovery, and hope. She has also trained and collaborated with five police forces around the world as part of her doctoral thesis, and served in the Royal Australian Navy. She is passionate about helping people find their voice and their strength.

Dr Mel Baker is a woman of many talents, but above all, she is a woman of compassion. She is on a mission to inspire hope and recovery into people’s lives following trauma.

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“It was from opportunities given to me after Defence that I was able to find myself again, including learning equine therapy. I was invited to be part of a documentary called The Healing – how ex-racehorses help traumatised military veterans in their recovery. It was being with the horses, utilising my own wellbeing tools and volunteering as an Associate Producer for the documentary that I learned to overcome. My dream and passion is to provide this to others too through Living Expressions.”