Dr Mel Baker Consultant, Writer, Producer, Speaker

Dr Mel Baker has been an international speaker since the age of 17, speaking in 56 countries. She has written various books, research papers and film scripts from her life story through childhood and adult trauma, mental health, wellbeing and identity.

Mel’s purpose is to inspire people through our shared lived experiences, helping each other to be the best we can be.

Throughout Mel’s life her purpose and values have been at the core of her lifework. She has worked in a variety of fields: graphic design, adult education, pastoral care and chaplaincy, publishing, mental health and wellbeing, and recently the film industry.

Mel founded Unchain your Wellbeing creating a successful model out of evidence-based and practice-based research to enable people to find healing in themselves. Her doctoral studies took her to training and collaborating with 5 police forces around the world. She then served in the Royal Australian Navy and was medically discharged in 2015 to face loss of income, homelessness, PTSD, depression and anxiety. 

Part of Mel’s own recovery from trauma, she founded Living Expressions and Living Well Talks podcast to share her insight through the challenges we face in life.

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“It was from opportunities given to me after Defence that I was able to find myself again, including learning equine therapy. I was invited to be part of a documentary called The Healing – how ex-racehorses help traumatised military veterans in their recovery. It was being with the horses, utilising my own wellbeing tools and volunteering as an Associate Producer for the documentary that I learned to overcome. My dream and passion is to provide this to others too through Living Expressions.”