I invite you to unfold your narrative in this space where every voice resonates with strength and every story sparks transformation with the aim to empower each other.

Living Expressions aim is to empower each other as we express our lived experiences. Each person brings their own unique skills and we want you to express your story in your unique way. We love words intermingled on the page creating an ambience like we are walking with you. We love captured beauty in photography. We love the creative description expelling out in an art piece. We love the combination of these things and more! We also love to hear your voice said or sung. Share your living expressions moment.

Mental health matters. Your mental health matters to us. We want to listen to you, see your creativity and read your thoughts. Perfection is not required. A genuine spirit to encourage and inspire each other is required.

Wow I really love that you gave feedback, talk about empowering people and helping build their confidence! We’d live in a much happier world if everyone could be somewhat similar.” 

– Paul Elderkin after submitting his story

The Process: curating a safe and empowering space

At Living Expressions, I’ve established a thoughtful process to ensure that every piece shared here serves the mission of empowerment through encouragement and learning. It’s important to understand that this initiative isn’t a business – it’s a labour of love.

I dedicate my time and energy, amidst my own mental and physical health journey, to produce content that uplifts and inspires.

Your voice, Our Community

I’m eager to showcase your story, whether it’s conveyed through art, photography, prose, video or even a podcast episode. The essence of your expression should be one that kindles inspiration and bolsters others on their path. If your submission aligns with these values, it will find a safe home here.

A commitment to integrity

Each submission is reviewed with care to ensure it aligns with Living Expressions ethos. I am dedicated to fostering a community where stories are not just heard but felt – a place where vulnerability turns into strength. While we celebrate the diverse tapestry of experiences, we also safeguard against content that could cause harm. This balance is key to nurturing an environment where everyone can share openly and grow together.

Dr Mel Baker, founder and creator of Living Expressions

Submission details

All submissions must be your own work and include a component of inspiration / encouragement. 

Audio recording – expressing a moment of living that is important to you that may be encouraging to others (anything up to 20 minutes). These will be edited and placed on the Living Expressions podcast show under your name (or anonymously if you wish). Or if you would rather record a conversation with Mel, contact her here.

Video recording – express your story or a part of it (up to 3 minutes). These will be edited and placed under the Stories tab under the theme it relates to. More themes will be added as required.

Other ways of sharing your story:

Stories / reflections: no more than 2,500 words (don’t stress if it is over)!
Poetry: as long or as short as you like
Words with image/s: 1-2 pages A4 or US letter
Photography: 1 to 3 images, include place name, captions or descriptions 
Art: 1-2 photos of your art with title can also include words

Struggling to write your story? Why not record an audio or arrange a phone conversation with Dr Mel Baker and she will write your story for you or we can do it as a podcast.

Are you ready to share your story?

Join our tapestry of voices, where your narrative can shine freely. There’s no cost to submit, and I honour the value of your story without any monetary exchange. Simply follow these simple steps to begin your journey of sharing and inspiring each other:

  1. Complete the form online or if you would rather download the form, and email it to Mel.
  2. Decide on where your story will appear: it’s your choice on whether your story appears on this website and/or at an event online / live near you.
  3. Understand the Agreement: take a moment to read through the terms and conditions to ensure you’re comfortable with the non-exclusive license agreement (download the form to see the terms or view the small print below).
  4. Send your story: you can send a link (Google Drive, Drop Box or other platform) on the form or email the link or your story.

Terms and Conditions:

Copyright as defined by the Copyright Act 1968 (CTH).
Material means works of words, story, poetry, image, photograph, art, recording.
Publication means, Living Expressions Podcast, Live or Online Events.
Published means publishing material on
The Contributor means the person/s that have supplied the material.
The Publisher means Melissa Jayne Baker or any other legal entity in which the Publisher vests her role.

1. The Contributor warrants and guarantees that the material contributed is an original work and the Contributor holds copyright for the material.

2. Where there is more than one (1) person who holds Copyright, each person is a Contributor and must each submit with the entry a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions of Entry.

3. The Contributor warrants that they are over the age of 16 years. (If you are under 16, please use the download form under 16 above.)

4. The Contributor grants the Publisher an irrevocable licence to publish the material provided by the Contributor.

5.  The Contributor acknowledges that not all material received by the Publisher may be Published and it is at the full discretion of the Publisher as to what material is published.

6.  Where a Contributor’s work has been published, the Contributor can at any time request in writing that the Publisher removed their content.

7.   The Contributor acknowledges and agrees that there are no royalties or circumstances where money is exchanged in any form between the Publisher and Contributor and vice versa.

8.   The Contributor indemnifies the Publisher against all costs, expenses, actions, suits, proceedings, claims or demands, incurred or suffered by the Publisher, due to any breach of this agreement by the Contributor.

9.  This agreement is governed by the jurisdiction of the State of New South Wales, Australia and the Federal Court in Australia.

10. Where any part of this agreement is ineffective it may be severed without affecting any other part of this agreement.

11.  If any part of this agreement is deemed ineffective in any jurisdiction, it is ineffective, to that extent, in that jurisdiction.

12. The Publisher does not waiver or shall not be deemed to have waived any right under this agreement except by written notice.

13. The Publisher does not waive its rights under this agreement because it grants an extension or forbearance to the Contributor.

14. The Publisher may, at their complete discretion, vest their rights under this agreement in any other party without the consent of the Contributor.

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