Filmmakers Life Magazine cover Dr Mel Baker Say My Name interview

Mel’s gripping trilogy and her poignant short film invite us to confront our darkest moments through the lens of transformative storytelling.

– Editor, The Filmmaker Life Magazine

Unveiling hope: Dr Mel Baker’s resilience through film and literature

– Filmmaker Life feature article May 2024 (Vol.73)

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Discover the inspiring journey of an award-winning filmmaker and author, Mel Baker, in an exclusive interview with the International Film Market. Dive into the creative process behind her powerful trilogy, starting with ‘Sleeping Under the Bridge’, and learn about the genesis of her acclaimed short film ‘Say My Name’. This interview offers a rare glimpse into Mel’s resilience, determination, and her unwavering belief in the transformative power of storytelling. Click here to read the full interview and join Mel in her mission to ignite hope and drive societal transformation.

award-winning filmmaker Dr Mel Baker interview with the International Film Market about her books and films

Our conversation with Mel Baker, the visionary force behind ‘Say My Name’, the resonance of this Best Social Impact Film lingers in the air. Baker’s dedication to fostering change through storytelling is not merely confined to the frames of a movie; it’s call to action, an invitation to reflect, and a catalyst for societal transformation.

‘Say My Name’ stands as a testament to the power of cinema in addressing pressing social issues, and Mel Baker emerges not just as a filmmaker but as a beacon of advocacy and compassion. As the credits roll on this impactful narrative, we are reminded that the art of filmmaking can be a potent force for positive change. Here’s to Mel Baker and the enduring ripple effect of ‘Say My Name’ on both the silver screen and society at large.

American DreamScreen, November 2023

Read the full interview – behind the scenes, the challenges of filmmaking, the story behind the story – here

kino studios interview with Mel Baker

KINO Studios from California interviewed Mel Baker live on camera before their gala night in December 2023. Unfortunately, the video was only available during December and January on their website.

We discuss the backstory to her award-winning short film Say My Name. We explore the intricate process of how this remarkable film was brought to life, and more importantly, the profound societal impact its aims to achieve.

Listen to the audio of our great conversation below.

Mel Baker shares her story that is featured in Say My Name with podcast producer, Guy Rowlison, on BRAINSTORM. Listen here.

This short podcast episode on LivingWell Talks, Mel shares how she kept going through horrendous trauma towards resilience, inspiration and hope. Listen here.

Radio interviews on 3quirksandaturk 89.3FM

Transforming self – the day I met Quinn on live radio in July 2022. Listen to our first conversation with Davy & Anne. It is an inspiring conversation to hear from 4 passionate people wanting to help empower others. Topics include tools to find within ourselves, self-love and purpose.

Quinn and Mel return to live radio on 8 December 2023. Hear how our story unfolded from meeting in the studio with my published book and dream to create a short film to finishing the award-winning film.