Monologues of real moments

Striking, conflicting, inspiring monologue of real moments in living with trauma and chronic pain towards recovery. You don’t ever have to feel alone in a moment again. Enter the scenario with Mel through tough, good, funny and captivating moments that will hopefully encourage, inspire and empower you.

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These will also become part of interactive experiences to help move from a difficult moment towards empowering and freeing yourself.

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Extra details:

Finding my way out episode

If you are interested in learning more about this reframing process, go to COURSES.

Positivity in our lives with guest Anchal Singh episode

Anchal has been a regular contributor to the Living Expressions publication over the last 2 years.

A broken lost moment episode

Featuring part of our song ‘A two-way street’ by Ben McKinnon and Mel Baker. Go to YouTube to listen to the full song.

One of the best questions, I’ve discovered to ask myself is:

What is the most effective for me in this situation? Is my choice consistent with my values?

– Mel Baker