Living Expressions has produced its first film.

Say My Name

Directed by Rhoyce Nova and Produced by Mel Baker

2023 | 13.23 mins | Drama | Based on a true story | Mature audiences

Themes: Childhood abuse | Homelessness | Violence | Suicide | Hope
Location: Sydney, Australia | Sydney Harbour Bridge | The Rocks | Wynyard | King’s Cross | Angel Place | Balmain

A violated girl is trapped in an underworld of shame. As a child, she was exploited by her father and his friends, and then thrown to the streets as a vulnerable teenager. Despite life going against Mel at every turn, she is determined to see the good in people and find hope before her past catches up with her.

Trailer created by Mel Baker

Say My Name (2023) is based on Mel Baker’s early life story from the book Sleeping Under the Bridge (2022). This is the first book in the trilogy of her life story. For more information about Mel’s books go here.

Say My Name serves as a beacon of hope for countless survivors of child abuse who have been unjustly silenced. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling in shedding light on the darkest corners of our society.

Mel shares her story to empower individuals who have also endured trauma, encouraging them to find their voice, conquer challenges, and ultimately, cast aside the shackles of shame as she has worked hard in her life to accomplish.

During post-production, Quinn and Mel wrote the lyrics to our finale hope song that features in the film. The soundtrack was performed by Quinn, Lori and Mel; composed by Quinn; engineered by Matt Stewart from A Sharp Studios; and produced by Mel Baker.

This video was created by Quinn