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…This keenly affecting, eerily jarring, yet beautifully, impact fully orchestrated, awareness-raising 13-minute short film

short films matter say my name award winning short film

Short Film Matter – 4 star rating

A poignant drama, based on the real-life struggles of Melissa Baker (producer/co-writer), offers a raw and unflinching exploration of homelessness, abuse, and the indomitable human spirit. Quinn delivers a captivating and commendable portrayal of Mel, a young woman grappling with the harsh realities of life on the streets after being cast out by her abusive father.

The film’s deliberate use of minimal dialogue enhances its poetic and immersive quality, delving into themes of hopelessness, loneliness, and the complex layers of mental health crises resulting from sustained trauma. ‘Say My Name’ relies on a musical soundtrack to effectively convey the emotional nuances of the narrative, creating a powerful and heartbreaking atmosphere.

The cinematography by Zachary Peel-McGregor stands out for its exemplary framing, capturing both the despair and the resilience in Mel’s fight for survival. The film succeeds in shedding light on the often-overlooked issue of homelessness, offering a stark portrayal of the challenges and visual artistry, Nova’s [and Baker’s] film serves as a poignant reminder of the strength found within the human spirit even in the face of adversity.

Short Films Matter

“An inspiring message at its core.
It includes some very strong ideas, along with excellent creative visualisation…

— London Global Film Awards

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“A profoundly moving and unflinchingly honest short film that dares to delve into the darkest corners of human experience while shining a light on the indomitable strength of the human spirit.”

— Best Damn Film Awards (Atlanta USA)

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“A short film that packs a powerful punch leaving a profound and lasting impact on its audience.”

— Robinson Film Awards (Italy)

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One-Reeler Short Film Competition

Judges stated “Well acted with many effective and beautiful compositions. The director does a good job of moving the camera and the score is generally excellent.” And “A powerful and convincing performance from the lead actress. With minimal dialogue, it’s a great example of impactful visual storytelling.”

Scores from Judges ranged from 8.5 to 10 in direction, editing, cinematography, performances, story, originality, sound, music, use of runtime and overall production.

Overall score for Say My Name (2023): 93%