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Syd FEST Independent Film Festival (Australia)
Australian and Sydney Premiere will be on 1 and 9 June 2024.

SydFest 2024 Australian Premiere
L to R: James Ryan (father), Quinn (Mel and composer), Mel Baker (owner, producer, writer), Rhoyce Nova (director and writer) and John Stericker (Bill, cop, thug, business man).

Robinson Film Awards (Italy)
Italy Premiere and first European Live Event was on 13 April 2024 in Campania.
We have been shortlisted to be in their annual event after winning BEST SCREENPLAY.

Titan International Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
Gala event on 20 January 2024 on Broadway

Rhoyce Nova and Mel Baker accept Best Australian Film award
Rhoyce and Mel receive Best Australia Film award

West Dallas Film Festival
Texas Premiere screening on 22 January 2024

The Festival Director stated “Our audience was blown away by the style of the film, as well as the poetic through visual arts. It just really struck our audience emotionally.”

West Dallas Film Festival winner of 3 awards

Short Film Slam – The MadLab Post

Out of hundreds short films of various genres, Say My Name was one of 12 selected for round II screenings. An online ticketed event, over December 2023 and January 2024, screened Say My Name and people casted their vote out of 10.

The top 10 films with the highest votes will be named on 1 March, then the jury will pick the winner.

Short Film Slam

Swedish Film Festival
Europe Premiere: 10-13 October 2023

100 Films Retreat (US)
World Premiere was held in a live screening in Southern California in August 2023