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In 2024, join us in a global chorus of resilience. Here on this website and in global events, I want to echo the triumphs over trials, the victories over adversities of our stories. Together, we stand united, our stories interwoven in a tapestry of courage.

Your voice matters. Your story is a beacon of hope.

My short film, SAY MY NAME (2023), is a testament to this spirit. Crafted to confront the shadows of child sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, and mental health struggles. It represents not just my journey, but the silent battles of many. It’s a call to action, a plea for awareness, and a stand for those who’ve endured.

You’re invited to share your narrative in the way that feels right for you – be it written, spoken or visual. Engage with the podcast, view the film, read other people’s narrative, explore self-paced courses, or simply lend your thoughts. This website is your sanctuary, free from judgment and tracking, where anonymity grants you freedom.

Let’s weave our experiences into a collective strength.

Your story is the heartbeat of change – share it, and together, let’s make a difference. The more people that share, global events will begin (live and online) so together we empower each other but also make our stories part of something amazing.

Submit your story today.

I am an individual who is passionate about supporting and inspiring others. I am not a company or earn money from this in any way. All my websites are about empowering. To know more about who I am see ABOUT tab.


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I created my short film to reach the millions of women who, like me, have grabbled with child sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, and suicidal thoughts. For those silenced by their pain, my books and film offer a lifeline of hope and courage. Moreover, the film serves as a catalyst for societal dialogue and change. It is a testament to the power of storytelling.

Dr Mel Baker

Say My Name (2023)

See more about my short film here

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Free free to browse, take in, explore, interact, share. Whatever you feel you need. This is your moment after all.

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We invite you to unfold your narrative in a space where every voice resonates with strength and every story sparks transformation. Whether through the written word, the rhythm of poetry, the vividness of images or video, or the authenticity of art and photography – your experiences are the lifeline of our community online.

As we weave our stories together, we discover more about ourselves and kindle the spirit of empowerment in others. Choose the medium that speaks to you, and join the healing wave of support and encouragement that ripples through our collective hearts.

This website is my ode to resilience, a creation born from my own journey through mental health challenges. Design, art, photography, and writing have been my allies in navigating through trauma. Now, I extend my hand to you. Flourish with us. Let your story be heard.

Why not take the step? Share your story, and together, let’s cultivate a world of support and inspiration.

Engaging all ages to share their lived experience through expression.

– Dr Mel Baker, founder of Living Expressions

Motivating and Educating

Whether you have suffered a tremendous loss in your life, gone through horrific trauma, suffered from depression or another mental health disorder, no matter what it is we all have lived experiences to share.


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