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Living Expressions engages community to enter their lived experiences and to share your journey to empower each other and improve our mental health and well-being.


Enter your own living expressions experience
– a short 5-10 minute expression

Listen to monologues of real moments
– each episode will be 5-15 mins

Coming in January, free courses on Dr Mel Baker’s process behind the living expressions experience to help you through a blockage, stressor, trigger to be empowered and find your way out. These courses will be interactive.

Free free to browse, take in, explore, interact, share. Whatever you feel you need. This is your moment after all.

Enter to experience

your living expressions

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Want to be empowered?
Sit back and listen.

Engaging all ages to share their lived experience through expression.

– Dr Mel Baker, founder of Living Expressions

Be inspired, Be empowered

We invite you to express yourself through telling your story. You can do so through an written piece, poetry, words and images, art and/or photography. Your story will empower others through community, encouragement and learning.

You will be published in a magazine format in print copies that will be placed into mental health clinics to encourage those doing it tough. PDF and print copies are available for purchase.

The more we share our stories, the more we learn about ourselves and empower others. This publication is all about this. We can express ourselves through our stories in a genre that you feel comfortable with and be part of that healing wave in supporting and encouraging each other.

I created this to share my heart and soul into something I know will bring support others; having gone through my own mental health journey. I love design. I love art. I love photography. I love writing. All these have helped me work through my trauma. And above all I love to see you flourish too! Why not share your story?

Go to the Publication tab to see the themes of the month and the preview the current issue. Go to the Submit tab to find details on how to submit your original work.

Motivating and Educating

Whether you have suffered a tremendous loss in your life, gone through horrific trauma, suffered from depression or another mental health disorder, no matter what it is we all have lived experiences to share.


  • Anchal Singh, 17 year old writer and poet, reflects upon the importance of positivity to promote healthy living. Anchal has a heart to express her feelings through words in order to empower change. Not only in her own home in Northern India, but also across the world. Anchal has been a regular contributor to the […]
  • Being stuck at home for a few days, I needed to get out of the house. Walking outside with the birds and fresh air was just what I needed, until I got overwhelmed by the noise from a protest. I soon learned how to turn this stressful panic attack moment around.
  • It's never nice to be on the receiving end of belittling and intimidating behaviour. Totally disrespectful to human life. If you have, the first few minutes may be hard to hear; but stay with me as I work through my trigger. We can transform these moments and find strength.
  • In this monologue, I to stop reflect about life itself from dusk to dawn, from new life to growth, from moment to moment. A mixture of inspirational thoughts that went from one to another without any pre conceived ideas. It came naturally.
  • Have you ever felt like you've lost yourself or feel stuck and broken? I have. In this moment, I am internally fragile after receiving some bad news. I found it is possible in the moment, to find myself, to feel less stuck, broken and lost, towards action. Featuring part of our song 'A two-way street' […]


Our souls long for love. A tender touch that can only render inside. An expression that every person craves. At times, we can wonder where such love can be? Love can feel so dim inside a lonely heart. What would life be like without love? For we would not know the true meaning of this …


How many times have you gone through a life event feeling like your world has crashed? Or you could be just holding it together, then something so tiny comes in your path and that is the thing that has tipped you over. How we deal with every life event has a significant impact on our …


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