Radiate Positivity

A few months ago I was standing in a skyscraper, looking right down at the ground, about a 70 metre drop. I was totally drained of all positivity. I struggled to be present in the moment. In fact, my mind was stuck in a past trauma. I felt like I was experiencing it again. I wasn’t really seeing the ground beneath me, I was seeing what happened to me back then.

In that moment, I could choose to stay stuck in my past, or I could choose to bring myself out of it and be present. I could choose to keep looking at the ground, and try to tell myself I can make it; or I could choose to look up, and see the beautiful view that surrounds me. In looking up, I am changing my outlook to be ahead. I am changing my posture to be tall and confident. The shift has caused me to focus on me in the here and now, to calm my being and be positive.

Now I can speak positivity into my situation. Now I can believe in myself once again as who I am today because of what I have gone through. And then, I can radiate positivity. From what I have experienced, that captures another soul walking by feeling perhaps stuck or lost.

Positivity celebrates life at various levels. It is choosing to see life from a different perspective, and helps to overcome and improve life’s moment to be more liveable. As a smile or laughter is infectious, letting go of life’s pressures and allowing us to shine brings so much more to ourselves, to others around us, and to our very act in living.

radiate positivity
Dr Mel Baker

Finding your purpose

Purpose is like the breath of life. Or for some it could be more the breadth, depth and width of life. The times when we think most about our purpose is usually when we are struggling: as a teenager wondering what job we will do and/or university course; when we become dissatisfied with our job, career direction or course; and when we su fer trauma or health issues and lose the role we loved. I’ve been through all three and the worst was the latter one. When you finally found that role that fits you like a glove, you’re passionate about it, you love going to work, being part of the team and then everything is taken from beneath you. Not only have I experienced it, but I’ve also witnessed and stood beside thousands of police o ficers and Defence personnel going through this change once labelled ‘hurt on duty’ then medically discharged. How do we recover from this loss? Not only loss of something we loved, but loss of our mental health and perhaps physical health, loss of our passion and drive as well as loss of our purpose.

One thing I discovered on my journey through this is that my purpose was actually never lost, the way that I executed it needed changing. It will certainly be di ferent and when we get our head around that and it is okay, then opportunities start to arise. My purpose throughout life has always been education, motivational speaking and supporting others to be the best they can be. What I started to do post-police and navy in various roles, I could see that my drive, passion and purpose was still thriving. I just had to find the right avenue with my limitations.

After you decide to move forward, what happens next is truly amazing. It is like the shifting forces of nature were engulfing your whole being beforehand, even most days felt like you were trying to move in the opposite direction through a massive wind storm. Then, the day it all becomes too much, sand is flickering into your eyes disabling your sight and you feel totally exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. It seems impossible to go on. At this point we have a choice and we think the choices are to give up or keep battling, but there is another choice. Let go. Let go of everything we are holding on tightly. Allow the storm to pass. Rest our mind and our body, then start working on the root cause slowly and steadily. Yes, it’s hard work, but the result is amazing. Things in life start to align again. We feel more connected to life, to friends, to nature, to the world! Indeed, we feel alive! We are survivors and becoming people who can empower others to reach that amazing place too.

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