Welcome to your Painting

This moment is for you. To explore the internal within you, privately. To help you to uncover, unblock and rediscover.  To bring it out in the open for you to move forward. You will go through a naming - renaming - reframing process. You will move through it one word at a time. A word is descriptive, reflective, open. It is like giving you an invitation to yourself to go deeper.

The first naming tends to be more broad. It could relate to your feelings around why you were drawn to this painting. It could relate to how the image or colour represents your life.

The second naming (renaming step) is more specific and deeper. For example, life could turn into growth.

The third naming (reframing step) is precise. It is going deeper again into your internal subconscious, bringing out a meaningful word that is connected to you. To continue with the above example, growth could turn into meaning.

This process you should see a progression from your first word to your third. Each of these connect together to your internal self, in this moment, for you.

There are no right or wrong answers. At the end, you will get a summary and suggested next steps (no data or answers are collected).

What drew you to this object?

Name what you see in one word

First thing that comes into your mind. Be descriptive, reflective, open.

Rename. One word. Go deeper.

Be more specific.

Reframe. Go deeper again.

Be more precise.

What do you need to do now?

Look over your three words. Is there any connections to what is happening in your life at the moment? There is a reason why you choose these 3 words (particularly the last one). Do you need to combine the painting with another object? Do you need to act on something that has come to mind?

Take some time to explore this and reflect below (with as many words as you like). Then click the blue button to show summary. This will give you a chance to screenshot your answers and other steps you can continue with.