A woman in her early 30s had gone through emotional, mental and physical health illnesses one after the other. A couple in their 60s lost their youngest son suddenly. A 32 year old man lost his partner to suicide. A woman in her 40s lost everything.

What does all these Australians have in common? They overcame. They prevailed. They conquered.

Overcoming trauma

Trauma can occur with one single event or multiple events that occur over many years. It can happen to any one at any time. Those who have a lot of give and care about others, struggle the most with traumatic stress. The earlier we deal with stress, in any form, the quicker we are able to not cause any long-term issues in our lives.

The problem is most of us, including myself, ignore trauma or stress when it hits. Particularly, in a role on the front-line where you are serving communities or protecting the country. But it is not the end! If you suffer from PTSD single or complex, you can get better and learn to manage your symptoms better with practice.

Features on trauma

An emotional journey from conflict to hope. Read how lives have been changed, veterans overcoming trauma with horses.

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Overcoming illness

Overcoming grief

Features on grief

Late 2019, Paul Elderkin lost his partner to suicide; a life he wished to share for many more years to come. Co-founder of Starting Five.

Peter and Barbara Clarke of Tasmania reflect upon their journey over 18 months after losing their youngest son – taken suddenly from their life in 2019.