This is your time, in this moment, to unblock, release and discover meaning. Often are words expressed through the external helps us to get in touch with the internal. These are powerful exercises. There is also a writing experience below the image, if you would rather write and reflect.

If you enter the experience and you don’t quite understand the concept, it might be a good idea to go to courses and at least listen to the background video explaining it.

To enter the experience:

  • be open and honest with yourself;
  • this is a personal reflection time, try to go deeper with every step;
  • this is your private experience, your answers are not collected;
  • take a screenshot of your summary at the end if you wish; and
  • also some suggested next steps will follow.

Are you ready?

View the living room. Click on the object that you are drawn to most…

Expressing yourself further and going deeper with your experience…

You may like to express yourself further. This might be drawing on a page, letting the words you choose guide you. Writing helps enormously as well. Explore more of the words that came to you and take that a little futher. Or perhaps you would like to do a different reflection…

A deeper writing reflection: to help pinpoint what is missing in your life

What was the happiest moment you remember from your past? What is a moment you are looking forward to happening in the future?

After you’ve answered those two questions, reflect upon your current circumstances. Describe what is happening in your present life.

Go back to your first two answers. Search for the connection between your past and future happy moments. Essentially, what is the important ingredients for you to experience a happy moment? Write down in point form on a page. Then, explore what areas are missing from your current circumstances.

Over the next month, work out ways you can incorporate more of those rich experiences you enjoyed in your life currently.

Here is my reflection and how I brought it together and learned those vital missing ingredients.

My happiest memory (past)
It was 2008. I had just led a series of workshops in England and I was on my way to Belfast. It was their Autumn. I recall a chill in the day. Most days, I was in 3 layers plus a scarf, which my new friend Dennis insisted I wear. 
After lecturing at Belfast University and doing a few speaker engagements, I travelled across Northern Ireland in a rented car on my own. The experience was breath-taking. Each day I came across awe-inspiring people who shared their homes, stories, folk songs and food with me. After further work with Police Service of Northern Ireland and listening to countless stories of officers who went through harrowing experiences and never told anyone until this Aussie girl showed up ... I was honoured. 
I returned to Belfast and stayed with my friends again, Rob and Dennis. Each day I look forward to what will Belfast teach me today. Wherever I went I was warmly greeted as I shared my story in various communities to encourage them. My time with Rob and Dennis was special too. They showed me sites. Dennis and I were always up to something funny. 
On my last few days, he declared his undying love for me and told me I had changed his life. The morning of my departure, he got up at 4am and made me breakfast, gave me the biggest hug, wrapped his scarf around me and told me to return it to him next visit. 
Unfortunately, Dennis died 2 years later and his scarf and memories remain with me.
My happy moment that is yet to come (future)
I am sitting on my quite private verandah overlooking a breathtaking view of nature. I have found my dream home. It is so tranquil, but vibrant.
I enjoy daily reading, writing and creativity, plus exploring the land. My bestie is beside me, loves a cuddle too and we look out for one another. He or she is a short-haired medium size dog. We love to go earthing together. 
I am engaged in my world and connected in all ways to the land. I feel the life that surrounds me giving me the vital ingredients to live - oxygen, water, vitamins, minerals, nature. I encompass the wild life around and also have a couple of rescued horses and perhaps some lamas. Connection to community and my friends are vital. I run workshops on my land to help inspire and empower adults. Friends come and stay in my guest room. 
Everything I will ever need is in this place. I just wish I knew where it was! 
Life at present
I am alone in a small apartment with noise and the busy life of Sydney. I've been recovering from complex trauma for the past 8 years and last year I finally felt able to step up. I am still finding my way, a balanced life to give, to nurture self and not overdo things as often my health takes over and then I can't do anything. 
I get out in nature as often as I can, though these days I can't walk too far. I miss bush trails and exploring historical sites or any place that's an adventure. I miss my time with the horses and my motorbike riding, which my legs can no longer cope with.  
For too long now, due to lockdown and restrictions, I miss connection with my friends face-to-face. I am enjoying the freedom to create, encourage others and support as many adults as I can through my varied lifework.   

What connects my past and future reflections?

Speaking engagements. Supporting others. Freedom. Friends. Connection. Animals. Nature. Adventure. Exploring. Community.

What is missing in my current life?

Connection. Adventure. Exploring. Freedom.

These four things I will work on in the next month to integrate them in my life, whilst accepting my limitations. So this means I might need to look at different ways to have them in my life.

enter an experience

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