When life throws us curve balls, circumstances throw us off balance and we feel out of control, then learning how to name – rename – reframe helps us to find our way.

These courses will be designed to be interactive, to explore the framework from which I have developed this process since 2001 (see background) and also to go deeper into certain topics. The first topic will be The Journey of the Wounded. There will be other topics to help through addictions, negative language spoken over us, reframing our past to live in the present and much more. These will slowly appear over the next year.

All courses will be at your own pace. Come back anytime. As I am about empowering and supporting others, I am offering these for free. This is your time to explore, find meaning, go deeper and learn different techniques to free yourself. If things come to the surface that you would like to explore further, then please reach out to your therapist to talk these through. The more we bring to the surface these things and not push them away, the stronger we become to face adversities in the future.


In the meantime, if you would like to explore your own personal living expression, enter the experience exercise.

Go well,