Broken to Open

Fragmented pieces of life float away. My brokenness. They are like boomerangs. The more I want the pieces to be lost, the more they will come back to haunt.

Fragile cracks form. Lightening explodes. Black & white. Fire erupts. Colour embedded. I need to walk the path ahead. Feel the fear. Touch the pieces as they drift by.

My openness seeks to soar. To find my objectivity. To speak of words that will empower. To free oneself from the chains that bind. I know too well this path. I travel on the spectrum of life moving forward, to find myself two steps behind.

A journey begins.

© 2019 Mel Baker, Fear Walking, digital art

Life is a spectrum

Have you ever felt so sad nothing could cheer you up? It’s like someone has sat on you, then sucked out all life.

Have you ever felt broken? It’s like every part of you is scattered into millions of pieces.

Have you ever felt trapped? It’s like the very person you know within you melts away each day as hot sun liquefies a glacier.

Have you ever felt open or somewhere in-between?

Life is a spectrum: broken to open